Recent History -- Body Work

In February of 1997 I started school at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA.

No Pottery Studio...........No Pottery Gallery...........No More Clay!

It was time to move on to a different medium. My finished works from that period of my life are available by mail through the Nancee Meeker Website or by advanced appointment in Westport, MA.

I procrastinated about writing this explanation for days and weeks.

(Why are words so damn difficult for the visually acute??)

Ah, well so it goes. Let me tell you the story of how I finally got to a

place where I could sit down and write about all of these pots, these

'concrete' examples of my work from the past many years.

I was crawling around on the brick path in my back yard, endlessly

pulling all those big and little weeds from between the cracks. And

suddenly, the metaphor for what I was doing and where I am 'going' made

enough sense, that I grabbed my journal and wrote the following:

clearing space

making room for new growth

cleaning up

clarifying the path to travel

trying to see where I've been!

Then just laughing, shrugging my shoulders, and knowing that it was time

to come up to the keyboard and really get to work.

Everyone I meet who knows of my long history and time of working with

clay asks me-- "But don't you miss it?"

Please understand that I am STILL working with my hands almost

everyday, and I am still running my business and thinking and talking

about clay and art and form and change ALL THE TIME. Going back to school

and learning new 'hand' skills (muscular therapy) was a challenge that I

never foresaw in my life.


And so I offer for your viewing (and purchase, if desired) this

'evidence' of all those years of making of clay objects. These pieces

represent the diverse periods from my career............sort of like the

bricks on the path. Some went this way and some went that way. Some are

still whole, some have sunk into the earth. Some are pocked marked and

scarred. Some are cracked but still in place. All are testaments of the

durability of FIRED CLAY.

Please e-mail me directly for any further information about purchase or

inspection of these pottery gallery pieces. but please note, ----There is no more open

studio or gallery!

"There comes a time in your life when you take a walk. And you take a

walk in your own landscape."

William de Kooning


Thank you all for your support over the years.



Bone, Breath, & Gesture - Practices of Embodiment
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
'By sensing, we release the restriction, whether it's muscular or whatever, which releases the blood. The breath follows. When you feel that deep breath, something has been repatterned into the nervous system.'


Anatomy of the Spirit
Caroline Myss
'The goal of becoming a conscious person is not to outwit death, nor even to become immune to disease. The goal is to be able to handle any and all changes in our lives‹and in our bodies‹without fear, looking only to absorb the message of truth contained in the change. Regarding the expansion of consciousness, such as through meditation, as insurance against physical illness is to misinterpret its purpose. Mastery of the physical is not the goal of becoming conscious; mastery of the spirit is the goal. The physical world, and the physical body, serve as the teachers along the way.'


Waking the Tiger
Peter Levine
'Sometimes, traumatized individuals have an investment in being ill and may form a kind of attachment to their symptoms. There are innumerable reasons (both physiological and psychological) to explain why this attachment occurs. I don't think it's necessary to go into detail on this subject. The important thing to keep in mind is that we can only heal to the degree that we can become unattached from these symptoms. It is almost as if they become entities unto themselves through the power we give them. We need to release them from our minds and hearts along with the energy that is locked in our nervous systems.'

A Natural History of the Senses
Diane Ackerman

'Touching is just as therapeutic as being touched; the healer, the giver of touch, is simultaneously healed.'

Owning Your Own Shadow
Robert Johnson

'In your own poetic struggles you may make only the tiniest sliver of a mandorla that will vanish a few minutes later. Where is the inspiration of yesterday that was so thrilling? But if you repeat this often enough it will become the permanent base of your functioning. It can be hoped that by the end of your life the two circles will be entirely overlapped. When one is truly a citizen of both worlds, heaven and earth are no longer antagonistic to each other. Finally one sees that there was only one circle all the time. This is the true fulfillment of the Christian goal, the beatific vision so prized in medieval theology. The two circles were only the optical illusion of our capacity and need to see things double.'

Crossing to Avalon
Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

'Periods of darkness, times in the forest and the underworld, are times when we are in the cauldron, more aware than during ordinary times of the necessity and possibility of regeneration and healing, in the place of surrender and choice. To be vulnerable and fallible, to have a shadow and a soul, to make our way through life determining who we become by the choices we make, is what we do here. Over and over again, it seems to me, life comes along and says, "Choose!"'


Ship Fever
Andrea Barrett
'.....(she) talked about the littoral zone, that space between high and low watermarks where organisms struggled to adapt to the daily rhythm of immersion and exposure.'


the Illuminated Rumi
Translated by Coleman Barks

'Late, by myself, in the boat of myself,
No light and no land anywhere,
Cloudcover thick,
I try to stay just above the surface,
Yet I'm already under and living within the ocean.'


Molecules of Emotion
Candace Pert

'In summary, the point I am making is that your brain is extremely well integrated with the rest of your body at a molecular level, so much so that the term mobile brain is an apt description of the psychosomatic network through which intelligent information travels from one system to another. Every one of the zones, or systems, of the network‹the neural, the hormonal, the gastrointestinal, and the immune‹is set up to communicate with one another, via peptides and messenger-specific peptide receptors. Every second, a massive information exchange is occurring in your body. Imagine each of these messenger systems possessing a specific tone, humming a signature tune, rising and falling, waxing and waning, binding and unbinding , and if we could hear this body music with our ear, then the sum of these sounds would be the music that we call the emotions.'

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