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Born April 27, 1951, New Jersey

Education: B.S. Skidmore College,
Saratoga Springs, New York, 1973



Smithsonian Institution, Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

U.S. Department of State, Embassy Program

Cigna Collection, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

B. Okun Collection, Missouri

Mannheimer Collection, Iowa

Lannan Foundation, Florida

Baker University, Baldwin City, Kansas

Southern Connecticut State College, Connecticut

Millersville State College, Pennsylvania

Ed and Sybil Peterson, Fairfax, Virginia

Virginia Elissa Cahn, St. Louis, Missouri

Barbara Rockefeller, New York

Mack Graham, Maryland


'94 Culinary Institute of America Hyde Park, New York

'94 Meeker Gallery; Rhinecliff, New York

'93 Greene & Greene Gallery; New Hope, Pennsylvania

'90 Works Gallery; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

'90 Ferrin Gallery; Northampton, Massachusetts

Clay-rutted road

'89 Swidler Gallery; Royal Oak, Michigan

'88 Handcrafters; Sante Fe, New Mexico

'88 Incorporated Gallery; New York, New York

'88 Vermont State Craft Center; Middlebury, Vermont

'88 Contrasts; Red Bank, New Jersey

'86 Venture Gallery; Lathrup Village, Michigan

'85 Pickering Gallery; Brentwood, Tennessee

'85 Latitudes Gallery; Greenwich, Connecticut

'84 Everson Museum Sales Gallery; Syracuse, New York

'84 Anatol Orient Gallery; London, England

'84 Susan McLeod Gallery; Sarasota, Florida

'83 NY State Ceramics, DCC Gallery; Poughkeepsie, New York

Stones are used to burnish the surface

'83 10 Arrow Gallery; Cambridge, Massachusetts

'83 Handcrafter's Gallery; Portland, Maine

'82 Elizabeth Fortner Gallery; Santa Barbara, California

'82 Columbus Museum; Columbus, Ohio

'81 Pendragon; Annapolis, Maryland

'80 Tomlinson Collection; Baltimore, Maryland

'79 Riverworks; Savannah, Georgia

'78 Crafts Ltd.; Kensington, Maryland

'78 Everson Museum Sales Gallery; Syracuse, New York

'78 Helen Winnemoreís; Columbus, Ohio

'77; '81 Yamato House; Lenox, Massachusetts

'78, '79; '82 Incorporated Gallery; New York, New York


'96 DCAC Individual Artist Fellowship

'96 Teaching for Horizons; The American Southwest

Nancee Meeker in the Gallery

'94 Opened Gallery and Studio to public

'94; '96 Teaching for Horizons; The Art and Archeology of Mexico; Oaxaca, Mexico

Making bricks by hand in Mexico

'92; '94 Traveled to: New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and Wales

Turkey and New Zealand

'91; '92 Sabbatical; Resided in Galway, Ireland; a year of drawing, travel and photography

'88 Empire State Craft Alliance Study Grant

'88 Participated in an on; site workshop at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico with Acoma Potters; Lucy, Dolores and Emma Lewis

Chaco Canyon

'85; '86 Franklin Mint Prize; Philadelphia Craft Show

'83 Pitfiring Workshop; Horizons; Kent's Hill, Maine

'81 Artist-In-Residence; Lewiston, New York

'77 Pitfiring Workshop; Richmond, Virginia

'75 Coordinated the Raku Demonstration at the Northeast Crafts Fair, at Rhinebeck.

'75 Participated in a workshop led by the Martinez Family: Maria, Santana and Adam, in Idyllwild, California; concentrating on traditional methods of making and firing Indian Blackware.

'72 Traveled to Japan; to study oriental traditions, methods and ideas



'96 Philadelphia Museum Craft Show; Philadelphia, PA

'96 American Craft Exposition; Evanston, IL

'96 Schenectady Museum Craft Show; 1st prize/Schenectady, NY

'96 San Angelo National Ceramic Competition; San Angelo, TX

'96 2+2=6; Vermont Clay Studio; Montpelier, VT

'96 Regional Exhibition; Arnot Art Museum; Elmira, NY

Nancee at her wheel in the studio

'96 Monarch National Ceramic Competition; Florence, AL

'96 Ancient Origins; Vermont State Craft Center; Manchester, VT

'94 Orton Cone Box Show; Baldwin City, Kansas

'93 Simpson Heller Gallery; Cambria, California

'93 Made in New York; Cooperstown, New York

'92 Katie Gingrass Gallery; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Landscape by the sea in New Zealand

'89 Banaker Gallery; Elegant Vessels; Walnut Creek, California

'87 Fired With Enthusiasm; Campbell Museum; Camden, New Jersey

'87 Mid Atlantic Invitational; Montgomery College; Rockville, Maryland

'87 Kindred Spirits; Brockton Art Museum; Brockton, Massachusetts

'87 Earth, Wood, Fire; Tomlinson Collection; Baltimore, Maryland

'87 15th Biennial National Art Exhibit; 2nd Crossing Gallery; North Dakota

'86 Low Fire & Raku; Fireworks Gallery; Seattle, Washington

Mitla, Mexico ruins

'86 Pitfired; Images Gallery; Ketchum, Idaho

'86 Autumn Rules; Elizabeth Fortner Gallery; Santa Barbara, California

'85 Sandra Ainsley Gallery; Toronto, Canada

'85 Fine Works; International Gallery; San Diego, California

'85 3rd National Ceramic Show; Downey Museum; Downey, California

'85 4 Approaches To Clay; Works Gallery; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

'85 Venture Gallery; Lathrup Village, Michigan

'85 National Art Competition (1st Prize Ceramics); Dahl Arts Center; South Dakota

'85 Teabowls; Art Complex at Duxbury; Duxbury, Massachusetts

'84 Invitational; Clay Pot Gallery; Brooklyn, New York

'84 Red, White and Black; Pinch Pottery; Northampton, Massachusetts

'84 Susan Cummins Gallery; Mill Valley, California

'84 2nd National Ceramic Show; Downey Museum; Downey, California

'84 American Craft Traditions; San Francisco Airport; San Francisco, California

'84 Invitational; Hudson River Museum; Yonkers, New York

'84 Fire; Catskill Gallery; Catskill, New York

'84 Teabowls; Craft Alliance; St. Louis, Missouri

Grand Canyon

'83 Corning Museum; Corning, New York

'83 Ceramics Invitational; Elmira College; Elmira, New York

'83 Ceramics National Invitational; Mullany; Matisse Gallery; Birmingham, Michigan

'83 'Clay Spectrum', Craftsmen's Gallery; Scarsdale, New York

'83 'Vapor Glazing', Brainerd Gallery; Potsdam, New York

'82 DCC 25th, DCC College; Poughkeepsie, New York

'82 National Juried Ceramics ; Wentz Gallery; Portland, Oregon

'81 National Ceramic Invitational; Westlake Gallery; White Plains, New York

'81 Jubilee 50; Currier Museum; Manchester, New Hampshire

'81 Line and Form; Del Mano Gallery; Los Angeles, California

'81 Oriental Influence; Craftsmen's Gallery; Scarsdale, New York

'81 Pitfired ; Jackie Chalkley Gallery; Washington, D.C.

'80 Given Up to the Fire; Works Gallery; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

'80 Invitational '80; Craftsmen's gallery; Scarsdale, New York

'79 Approaching Clay; Guilford Handcraft Center; CT

'79 Raku; Women's Inter Art Center; New York, NY

'78 Craftsmen as Designers; Craftsmen's Gallery; Scarsdale, NY

'78 Craftsmen '78; Philadelphia Civic Center; PA

'78 National Invitational; Millersville St. College; PA

'78 Art of the Collector; Visual Arts Center; Columbia, MD

'77 American Heritage; Westlake Gallery; White Plains, NY

'77 Craftspeople '77; Incorporated Gallery; New York, NY

'77 3 Mediums; 4 Artists; Works East; South Hampton, NY

'77 Drinking Vessels; Westwood Supply; CA

'77 Orton Cone Box Show; KS

'76 Objects '76; Works Gallery; South Hampton, NY

'76 Craftsworks Celebration '76; Craftsmen's Gallery; NY

1975, Raku demonstration at Rhinebeck Crafts Fair

'76 Raku; Incorporated Gallery; New York, NY

'76 All Things Considered; Spirit of the Earth; PA

'75 Orton Cone Box Show; IN

'75 Beyond The Reservation; Fairtree Gallery; New York, NY

'75 State Juried Show; Shrewsbury, NJ

'75 40th Annual Cooperstown Art & Craft Show; Cooperstown, NY

'75 Raku; Peters Valley Gallery; Layton, NJ

'74 Monmouth College State Juried Show; NJ

'74 Corning Museum Craft Show; Corning, NY

'73 Found Women, Artists in New Jersey; Douglass College; NJ

'72 Schenectady Museum Regional Craft Show; NY

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